Winter windows styling tips

The average home loses a staggering one fifth of its heat through its windows and doors due to poor insulation. Be sure to keep the cold out and the heat in with our round up of the best draught busting ways to dress your windows for winter and keep warm in style.

Here are nine winter windows styling tips to keep your home warm and beautiful during colder months

1. Full billowing curtains are a key part of the cocooning look for your home in winter. Floor to ceiling curtains will add drama to a room scheme, and offer maximum insulation potential for large windows. Opt for ones that are fully lined for extra protection.

2. Style wise, pleats at the top of curtains are great for adding extra ‘volume’ and will give the illusion of additional warmth and protection. Go for gentle pleats for a relaxed, informal look in a living room and more dramatic full pleats in the dining room.

3. Tab top curtains on a metal or wooden pole are great for informal style. Consider heavy weight fabrics – not just for sensual warmth, but because the fibres have natural insulating properties.

4. Get creative – for an impromptu and relaxed modern rustic style alternative to a ready-made curtain, drape a classic style woven blanket over a forged iron curtain pole and secure with kilt pins or some simple stitches. The natural weight of the fabric will ensure it hangs beautifully.

5. For a feminine alternative consider weighty velvets and damasks in deliciously rich hues, or intricately embroidered cottons. Factor a little extra into the length and allow them to ‘puddle’ on the floor for additional style and protection from skirting board draughts.

6. Remember fabric curtains aren’t just for windows. For maximum warmth hang a pair of curtains to reduce the draught creeping in under and around the front door. A classic statement stripe will add instant glamour to a dark hallway.

7. Contemporary homes are often well insulated with under floor heating and double-glazing, so lighter linens and cottons hung as full length fabric panels might be more suitable in terms of practicality and style. Try classic neutrals for understated simplicity.

8. Blinds are neat and tidy and suit rooms where a clean, simple aesthetic is required such as a guest bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. They are also ideal for placing at a window with a radiator underneath.

9. And do consider doubling up. Adding both curtains and a blind in contrasting fabric weights provides an additional layer of protection and visual interest not to mention flexibility, so your window treatment will be just as suitable in summer too.