Which summer bed linen should you be sleeping on?

URBANARA Jena Pirna Bed LinenThere are several good options for summer bed linen, but different people have very different requirements when it comes to getting shuteye. Whether you need lightweight linen, hypoallergenic bedding, or something smooth and soft, choosing the right bed linen can be the difference between counting eternal sheep and blissful sleep.

Linen bed linen 01

Linen Bed Linen

Linen fabric is excellent for people who overheat easily because it is extremely absorbent and actively heat-regulating. In addition, linen is a good choice for allergy suffers as it is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-static and mite resistant. While it has a slightly rougher feel than other fabrics, linen fabric comes with a host of benefits.

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Silk bed linen 02

Silk Bed Linen

Silk feels delicate and fine, but it is actually the most robust fibre available because it does not need to be thread. The fabric is very low density – or lightweight – but has good insulating properties, making it suitable for fluctuating temperatures. It is also naturally anti-allergenic. While it requires high maintenance when washing, silk is extremely comfortable and displays a luxurious natural sheen.

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Cotton percale bed linen 03

Cotton Percale Bed Linen

‘Percale’ refers to the type of weave: plain and tightly woven for a medium density fabric, usually starting from 200 thread count. Bed linen made from this fabric is extremely soft, smooth, and easy to wash. Cotton percale is heavier than linen or silk so it is suited to those who prefer weightier bedclothes, but who still like a cooling effect. 

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Egyptian cotton bed linen 04

Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

Grown in the Egyptian Nile Valley, Egyptian cotton is special because of its long-staple fibres. Thanks to this, Egyptian cotton threads have less breaks and so are extremely smooth, supple and incredibly durable... perfect for those who love a little luxury. Egyptian cotton – like all pure cottons – is naturally non-allergenic, and will look and feel incredible after many washes.

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