Four ways to ward off the winter blues

Oh Winter. You with your perpetual grey days and icy chill. December left us longing for a white Christmas, but all we want to do now is to shed our heavy coats and fly away to somewhere warm. For those of you staying close to home, these four tips will help you shake off seasonal melancholy and help you lift your spirits.

  1. With its purported mood enhancing properties and warming effect, ginger makes the perfect winter brew. Combine freshly sliced ginger, lemon, honey and a handful of mint leaves with hot water in a cup for a bright start in the morning.

  2. For a quick, affordable boost, add vibrant flowers to every room. Visit your local horticultural society’s garden or nursery for inspiration, or drop in to your florist of choice and ask them to make you up a bright bouquet.

  3. Bright and cheerful on the table, a big bowl of carrot soup will leave you feeling sated on a chilly day. Combine your beta-carotene hit with fennel, coconut or orange for extra flavour.

  4. Adding soft furnishings to a room is a simple way to play with colour and print. Experiment with bold shades and graphic patterns at home using cushions and blankets to create a bold new look in your bedroom or living space.


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