The iconic duo behind Berlin’s iconic styling agency SALTY INTERIORS are Annetta and Ellinor. Not even two years have passed, since the two interior enthusiasts founded their company and they have managed to make an incredible name for themselves in Berlin’s interior scene. Both originally from Scandinavian countries, they have contributed to strengthening the Scandi and Nordic designs within the business. Read about what inspires them, how they started their empire and which interior trends they think are here to stay.

Photo by Nailya Bikmurzina.

What makes Berlin your “place to be”?

Berlin has everything you need. Berlin is a little mix of cultures taken from the surrounding countries and that’s what we love about it. It’s also a great place to start a business and is buzzing with new start ups which makes it a melting pot for design.

Can you tell us a bit about Berlin’s interior design scene?

When we first came to Berlin we didn't really feel it had the same amount of design available as we were used to from our home countries. But over the last couple of years it has really blossomed into something great and we have loved every minute of it. As the city itself is very mixed in terms of culture, the design scene is of course very similar. You can still feel the DDR style which is now mixed with urban and retro styles from Denmark. Over the last three years the scandi style has really taken over, which we are really happy about as that’s a style that we really feel accustomed to and would like to say that we have perhaps contributed to bringing it to Germany.

You have successfully made your dream come true with your own interior styling business SALTY INTERIORS (congratulations on that, by the way!) – any new dreams/dream projects coming up?

Thank you so much! It was a lot of work to get established and we are extremely happy and proud of the success that we have had so far.

The next couple of projects are exciting. We are styling and designing a new restaurant which is a really fun and exciting project. We can hopefully share the first drafts with the world soon. We are also planning a few photoshoots and of course the classic home staging projects are never far away.


How did you two meet and become business partners?

We met here in Berlin 2013 through mutual friends. We were both in search of a new job and started supporting each other in the search for the right opportunity. We started a lifestyle blog together and when we both started working together as buyers in Monoqi we said goodbye to the blogging world. After a few years working as buyers we found ourselves sitting at a café discussing the future and our goals. We both realised that we had similar visions of what we wanted to do career-wise and thought it was best to start a business together instead of working independently as freelancers. We both knew that we would make a great team and felt we would be stronger together. In late 2016 we both quit our jobs and started SALTY Interiors.

At the moment you do a lot of amazing home stagings for the Berlin based estate agency Fantastic Frank - what’s your favourite part during these projects?

The most fun part is of course doing the final touches and seeing the fruits of our labour. We also enjoy of course shooting beautiful images and sharing them on our social media.







You’ve integrated a lot of Urbanara’s products in these home stylings - what was your favourite setting and why?

Our favourite is the latest one we did. There we styled a beautiful bed from the Berlin-based brand Bartmann. We used a nice ​seersucker​ bed linen which looked absolutely stunning in the nice pre-war apartment.

What inspires you/keeps your creative juices flowing?

We get inspired by everything around us. We are both big nature lovers so that plays a big part in our creative work. We are both just so interested in design and love creating new things. The more we do the more creative we get.

Opinions on “Hygge”?

Hygge has just always been in our dictionary if you can say that. So it was only funny to see it become a concept in many ways. For us it’s cool that the rest of the world is interested in seeing how Scandinavians live and taking it as a form of living for themselves. What we take from Hygge is comfort and comfort can be found in many things. For us comfort comes from designing and creating the perfect home. And this does not have to come with spending a ridiculous amount of money. We like to find a perfect balance and work well under a budget when we help private people with their homes.

Can you each describe Scandinavian design in 4 words?

Annetta: clean lines, appealing, functional.

Ellinor: welcoming, natural, minimal, cosy.

Which colour is a must for every interior lover this summer?

Mustard and army green are very trendy right now.

What is the one piece of furniture you think is completely underestimated?

It’s not exactly furniture but one thing that we feel like often is forgotten is the rug. A rug can do so much for your home. It not only makes the space more cosy and beautiful, but it’s also a great way to make the acoustics of a room more pleasant.

What’s your favorite fabric for bed linen right now?

Linen! Linen always looks so beautiful in photoshoots which is maybe why we are so in love with it. It’s also a really nice fabric to use in warmer months.

We all know that the Nordic trend has been very popular recently – do you think it will last?

We think the nordic trend is definitely here to stay. It might change a little over time but it has been established enough to stick around. We will make sure of it ;)

And lastly, do you have a secret, favorite spot in Berlin that you’d like to share with us?

It wouldn't be a secret if we shared it, would it? ;)