The URBANARA Flagship Has Landed

On 3rd November, URBANARA staff and friends from near and far gathered in Dusseldorf, Germany for the opening of our first ever retail store, allowing visitors to experience our collections first-hand, and fall in love at first touch with true quality.

Months of planning, negotiating, renovating, tweaking, sourcing, painting and styling have culminated in a space that we’re proud to call home; and one that reflects the world of URBANARA – the main goal behind our store.

“We’ve been online for five years now and we’ve learnt what it takes to not just build a place to shop – but to create a brand experience – where we give customers an idea about what we love and stand for,” said Angelina Graumann, URBANARA’s Stylist and Visual Merchandiser.

“Our flagship was no different. We wanted to make more than just a place to shop, but a special kind of place where you walk through the doors and immediately feel at home, and also felt inspired and understood Urbanara’s value of quality. The aim was to create an offline experience that complemented the online one.”

We wanted to make more than just a place to shop... but a place to feel inspired.

What’s to find?

From blankets to bed linen, vases to rugs, our first flagship showcases a selection of our bestsellers as well as a rotating range of seasonal collections for every room. Hanging beds and handcrafted furniture serve as the canvas, while each space was developed with a vision in mind.

“The wall colour is actually based on the Feng Shui colour guide! For the bedroom and spa areas, we selected light greens and blues to invoke a sense of calm and airiness. The main display area is light grey, allowing us to use our products as colour and texture accents.

“The overall lighting concept is bright and friendly with the exception of our lamp room, which has darker walls and dimmed lighting to create a cosy and more dramatic lounge atmosphere.”

A worthy home

We couldn’t imagine a place worthier than the North Rhine Westphalia capital as our first store location. It’s a city rich in history and which boasts a bourgeoning cultural scene, where inhabitants enjoy a high quality of life, partly thanks to the clean air and lush, natural landscape that patchworks the region. The street where the store is situated, too, is a former textile strip, its history confirming our place in its modern mix.

URBANARA co-founder Benjamin Esser, who reigns from Dusseldorf, knew it would be a glass-slipper fit.

“Bias aside, I’m really enthusiastic about opening our first store in my hometown and know it’s an ideal location. Dusseldorf’s [central district] Carlstadt especially offers a mix of interior and fashion concept stores, like style album, Farrow & Ball, the Affair Store and Yooyama. They’re young concepts which share a special style and design ambience and bring a breath of fresh air to the quarter. URBANARA is a seamless fit.”

Find yourself in Dusseldorf? Visit us and let us know what you think using #Urbanara.