Turn fabric napkins into origami folded flowers

At intervals overlooked in favour of its paper counterpart, the fabric napkin’s place at the table is often underestimated. Working hard to collect crumbs from one’s lap and wipe satisfied mouths at the end of a meal, this teatime staple also plays a key role in creating a fabulous dining spread. Joined by matching table linen or vintage silverware, quality napkins make for an elegant table setting. With a few simple steps, each napkin can be transformed into an impressive talking piece.


Take the unfolded fabric napkin and fold it diagonally into a triangle, pressing the napkin with your iron to maximise the fold before unfolding.


Repeat the process by folding the opposite corners, so that a cross folds created on the napkin. Press this fold to create a similar crease.


Turn the napkin over to fold all four corners into the centre. Ensure that all four points meet accurately.


Flip the napkin over a second time so that the square side is facing up, then fold all four ‘new’ corners into the centre. Again, take care to ensure that all four points meet in the middle.


Hold the napkin points together in the centre using your finger, while using your other hand to pull the bottom of each corner upwards to form the petal shape.


Bend each of the folded edges in their centre to finish fashioning each of the petals. Place a completed flower napkin on each plate at the table.