January: Taking stock

Happy New Year, dear reader. Here at URBANARA, we are feeling refreshed and ready to take on 2014 with new inspiration. During January, it’s standard to work on making improvements in our life, but how do you realise these changes in your home?

Use the downtime in your schedule to audit your place, room by room. Give yourself the chance to look with fresh eyes, and decide what works with the vision you have for the year ahead. What is it you wish to achieve and what kind of space do you need to do it in? Is spending more time with family your priority in 2014, for which you want to make your living space more cosy and comfortable? Or is a neat, organised workspace necessary for you to focus on work and study goals? Whether your goal is to get more rest, take more care of your health or to have your home better reflect your personality, let 2014 be the year you create the space you dream about.

Claire Davidson
URBANARA Co-founder
Director of Marketing and Product Development