Four ways to bring spring to your home

Transforming your interiors for the new season needn’t be taxing. Try these simple changes to revitalise your home.

1. Rework the furniture

Throughout the winter your living spaces are focused inwards. Seating looks toward the fireplace – if you have one – or is grouped around a rug, or focal wall, keeping the atmosphere cosy and intimate. To give your living room a fresh feel for spring, turn your attention to the layout. Could you create a view from the sofa to the garden? Sit a pair of armchairs in a bay window? Move a dining table to overlook your outside space?

It can help to draw a plan on paper before you go to the trouble of manoeuvring heavy pieces. Alternatively, use newspaper to represent the area of each piece of furniture, setting it in place on the floor of the rooms you’re reworking. It’s vital to ensure you respect the circulation areas, so check you’ll still be able to move freely through the spaces.

Consider all the dimensions of your pieces to keep your home light filled. Low-backed sofas can be positioned across a room but high-backed designs may block the view through it.

2. Re-dress living spaces

Look to the soft furnishings in your living rooms and bedrooms to create a finish that’s in tune with the season. Store away winter’s cosy textured throws, blankets and cushions and introduce lighter fabrics.

There’s no need to give up entirely on wool, of course, but opt for super soft and silky versions – cashmere and alpaca will fit the bill – and finer knits. Introduce cool-feeling fabrics, too. Linen is ideal for a relaxed feel, or pick the fresh finish of cotton.

3. Transform the windows

The winter’s heavy drapes help insulate your home as well as making you feel warmer with their rich colour and texture. Once spring arrives, take advantage of the light and sunshine by hanging lighter window treatments.

Sheers and semi sheers will create sufficient privacy for living spaces while still letting light through to brighten up the room when they’re drawn. Once open, curtains made from lighter fabrics stack away from the sides of the window neatly, maximising the light reaching your room. Bear in mind, though, that if you don’t want to be up with the lark, it’s better to stick with high density fabrics for the bedroom to keep the light out until you’re ready to start the day.

4. Refresh every room

Add an extra dimension to your interiors by pleasing your sense of smell as well as those of sight and touch. To reflect the vitality of the season, choose fragrances that will add energy to the atmosphere in your room. Scented candles or reed diffusers featuring invigorating aromas such as citrus, orange, grapefruit, lemongrass or ginger are ideal.

Alternatively, evoke the sight and fragrance of a carpet of bluebells to re-create an authentic spring pleasure in your home. Always be safety conscious with candles wherever you use them. Don’t leave them unattended and extinguish them fully with a spoon or snuffer before you leave the room. Consider keeping room and linen spray to hand as well for a breezy ambience even when the weather precludes opening the window.

Don’t be concerned about using fragrance all round your home. Scents with a fresh note won’t create a clash with the aroma of food in a dining space, and they’ll make your bathroom smell wonderful, too.

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