Styling ideas: Be brilliant with pattern

One of the joys of summer at home is being able to indulge in a more confident combination of colour and pattern than you might choose during the cooler months of the year. Bold shades and motifs with an exotic twist suit the stronger light of the season, and they’ll put you in the holiday mood even though you might be a long way from the tropics.

First steps

If your natural inclination is to choose a neutral palette or pair just a couple of colours in your interior schemes, introducing a rainbow of shades and confident pattern can feel a bit intimidating. There are some easy ways to ensure success, though.

When it comes to using a bold palette, try opting for colours of a similar intensity. Think tropical leaf green with fuchsia pink and rich citrus, for example, which will look fabulous together without any single shade dominating the others. Alternatively, consider the vibrant contrast of saffron yellow, warm coral and eye-catching teal for a hot summer look.

Taking your cue from a pattern you’ve fallen for can be a great starting point, too, as the colour combining work’s been done for you. You could start from a cushion or rug, then repeat the colours around the room – both in other patterns and in single shades.

Want to make it even easier? It’s not cheating to buy from a seasonal collection if you’re after a speedy makeover for a living room, conservatory or outdoor space because the palette, mood and lines of the pieces are created to sit beautifully together whichever options you choose.

The key to a look that’s lush and vibrant rather than chaotic is repeating colours within the patterns.

Pattern rules

Whether you opt for wide deckchair-style versions, narrow pinstripes or a pattern featuring different widths, stripes shout summer. For a contemporary scheme, avoid all-over repetition of the same striped pattern within your indoor or outdoor room, instead bringing in two or more striped fabrics, or teaming a classic stripe with a zigzag version.

Don’t be afraid to introduce stripes alongside motifs that feature tropical-style foliage, florals or exotic birds. The key to a look that’s lush and vibrant, rather than chaotic, is repeating colours within the patterns.

Great graphics

To create a look that’s bang on-trend this season, why not opt for graphic pattern? Try experimenting with artisanally-inspired geometrics or bands of chevron. They’ll create a different atmosphere for your home in summer, evoking distant landscapes.

In and out

There’s plenty of opportunity to indulge in a riot of summer pattern inside your home. Add soft furnishings to living areas, conservatories and garden rooms, and lay down rugs underfoot.

Outdoors, make sure seating areas are as comfortable and dressed as those inside with cushions and throws, vases and other accessories that have summer motifs and colour.

Dress indoor and alfresco tables with pattern, too. Combine linens featuring attractive detail with ceramics in brilliant colours and patterns, and choose water and wine glasses from the same colour palette as well.