How to style with planters and pots like a pro

Style with pots and planters

Plants are the secret weapon for all well-rounded, balanced interiors. Aside from giving life to a room and making a space feel fresh and vibrant, plants have a calming effect.

A room with lots of potted greenery and colour feels more natural and grounded, helping to improve your mood and reduce stress levels.

What’s more, they purify the air, so will actually help keep your space fresh.

Why use pots and planters?

Pots are to plants like plants are to a room: they’re the ultimate finishing touch, and help your fronds to blend with the rest of your décor. They’re a fantastic way to add an extra burst of colour to a room, and are incredibly easy (and affordable) to swap when you want to give your space a bit of a décor refresh.

They also give plants a ‘finished’ look, and hide ugly, but practical, plastic pots: when the plant needs a size upgrade, replant the shrub as normal and switch to a larger pots.

They also protect your surfaces from water and damp, stopping rings from forming on wooden and lacquered surfaces. Because they don’t have drainage holes, you don’t need to take your plants outside to water them! If they do have drainage holes, they often come with a matching saucer or tray.

Just remember to empty the pots after you water them to ensure no stagnant water is sitting around your plants’ roots.

The macrame plant hanger trend

Macrame plant hangers are made from rope or woven yarn and act as a decorative sling for pots. They were huge in the 1970s and have come back with a vengeance… and it’s easy to understand why.

Thankfully, they’re slightly more parred down than what they were back then, using neutral colours and simple knot-work for simple and tasteful embellishment.

Macrame plant hangers are excellent for saving on space, and for adding height to your room. They’ll give your home a gorgeous bohemian, casual feel too. Mix and match different lengths and hang them at different heights for an interesting plant feature, or hang one in the kitchen and use for potted herbs.

Styling pots and planters

Work with colour

If you have a neutral colour scheme, a brightly coloured plant pot can give the room a pop. It’s also a nice way to pick up on a key hue in your colour palette that you want to replicate and to tie all your décor elements together.

For example, if you have mustard-coloured cushions on your sofa, use the same colour plant pots to balance that tone in the room.

For bright green plants (like basil or a banana), as well as potted colour, a more neutral or subdued colour plant pot will help the plants stand out.

For deeper green or grey-green plants like cactus, sage, and lilies, a brighter coloured planter or pot can give them the finishing touch.

For a cluster of potted plants choose the colours much like you would when decorating a room. Choose the majority of pots in a more neutral colour, then add highlights with patterned and brightly-coloured designs.

Playing with different sizes

If you like the look of lots of plants in a room, mix and match your pots to cater for the different sizes and colours of the leaves.

Select different sizes and layer them on your surface, with the smaller ones towards the front of the arrangement. Use the pots as your canvas and arrange and rearrange your plants inside the pots until you find the perfect setup.

And when it comes to plants… the more, the merrier (and healthier)!