The SS15 collection: Interview with design expert Laura Lutz

For each of our collections, fabrics, textures and materials are paired and curated to tell a story of the season. This summer, URBANARA Product Scout Laura Lutz turned to the white washed homes and maritime blues of Greece to develop the new range, but the inspiration for our SS15 collection runs far beyond just blues and whites.

With a strong belief that ‘living well’ should be at the heart of all homeware collections, Laura shares her inspirations behind our new summer range, and talks about the feelings and moods it invokes.

The simplest things in life are so often the best!

Can you describe URBANARA’s new Spring/Summer collection? What can we expect to see?

This season, maritime blues sit beside pure whites in the foreground – reminiscent of the façades of Greece. But there are warm accents that come through, too. Soft, subdued tones and neutral colours put nature in focus, and sunset shades, such as hibiscus and papaya, round out the summery palette.

What's the mood of the SS15 collection? What feelings does it invoke?

I think we succeeded in creating a collection that promotes a sense of well-being: the colour combinations are harmonious and put us at ease. Natural materials and classic forms are effective in transmitting simplicity. We're reminded of life's simple pleasures, like the smelling summer on the breeze, laughing, being together with friends. These are the feelings we've played to in the SS15 collection.

How do you begin to put a collection like this together? From where do you draw your inspiration?

I am an observer of all walks of life. I orient myself using style and design magazines, both online and printed, in areas of fashion, art and architecture. But I also follow world events, which I think are a crucial part of our zeitgeist. I also visit fairs and exhibitions, and make notes of everything that catches my attention or inspires me; both in my everyday life and in nature. These thoughts and impressions come together to build portfolios of seasonal colours and patterns.

Design Expert Laura Lutz

What are your personal favourites from the new collection?

We’re soon releasing beautiful linen bedding with delicate mint accents - it is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve also fallen for one of our satin bed linen collections, printed with geometric patterns reminiscent of Grecian tiles: a thing of beauty! The Ribe and Giveij Pendant Lamps are two of my absolute favourites, too. (Hint: placing the lamps side-by-side at different heights is a fantastic combination).

What’s the first thing you look forward to when the sun lifts its head and the mercury rises?

When the sun is shining, the first thing I do when I wake up is make a coffee, get my book and sit on my balcony for an extended breakfast. The simplest things in life are so often the best!