Spring colour trends for home

Radiant orchid remains the colour of the year, but nothing says spring like pastels, pinks and yellows. Adding soft furnishings is one of the easiest ways to experiment with new hues without making a serious redecorating commitment. Play with colour and pattern using the shades of the season, and you may just find a new favourite combination.


Don’t shy away from this happy shade. Yellow’s big impact is great at creating an accent. Colour block by placing a yellow blanket or throw over the sofa, or combine soft and bright shades of yellow with cushions – odd numbers (three or five) work nicely, mixing up print and shapes. Work it with winter greys for a gorgeous transitional style.

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Black and white

This enduring combination offsets brighter colours, creating unity in a room that contains different colours, fibres and eras. Although monochrome may seem better suited to winter, it’s a good chance to experiment with pattern if you are not ready to try it out with daring yellow. The sophistication and compatibility of black and white ties the look together.

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The ultimate Easter palette, pastels are soft and have a calming effect. Pale shades of lavender and baby blue help you smoothly transition from wintry greys and teals, while mint is subtle with strong effect. When it comes to pastels less is more, so choose your favourite pastel colour and style it with white. This will make the colour pop without being overwhelming.

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Classically feminine and romantic, this shade can be a turn off for those avoiding an overtly warm look. But don’t underestimate the power of pink – it’s perfect for tempering brown masculine tones and brightening a room full of neutrals. Use pink to provide a decorative touch in the form of blankets, cushions and flowers.

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