September: autumn colours

So it begins, the slow transition from a bright summer into a homely autumn. The switch in seasons marks a shift in gear for us at URBANARA. As the leaves start changing colour and the mercury drops, we’re stepping it up a notch in preparation for what is our busiest time of the year. We start trading in the picnic blankets and hammocks for flannel bed sheets and cashmere blankets in preparation for the cooler weather ahead.

Author and philosopher Albert Camus aptly summed up the beauty of the forthcoming season by saying that “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Spring often takes all the credit for being a time of renewal and new beginnings, but there’s something particularly motivating about the fresh crisp air that autumn brings. As outdoor party invitations die down we find ourselves with more time to focus our energy on special projects around the house. We turn our gaze to the tree-lined streets outside for interior inspiration, revelling in the changing landscape and crunchy leaves underfoot. It is the memory of these warm colours that inspired the stories we have lined up for September. Check back each week as we share nature inspired DIY projects, styling tips for bold shades, patterns and prints and an array of interview with experts. Here’s to a colourful month ahead!

Claire Davidson
URBANARA Co-founder
Director of Marketing and Product Development



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