Saša Antić, interior stylist

Creativity is all about “inventing, breaking rules and having fun,” says interior stylist Saša Antić. This ethos accompanied the Swede on our recent summer shoot, along with a deft styling hand and plenty of gorgeous props and ideas. Today we look beyond the beautiful images in our latest catalogue styled by Saša to find out what inspires him and which must-have items every stylist needs in their kit.

How did your interior styling career begin?

I started out with willpower and a strong point of view. I had just quit my job at an advertising agency when I decided to pursue my interest in interior design. I had a few friends working as fashion stylists who told me to go for it, so I started my own business. Also, the interiors scene in Sweden was and still is an utter snooze, so I thought someone must try to change that.

Where do you look for inspiration?

My inspiration is found in movies, music, theatre, dance performances, exhibitions, photography (both the work of others and taking photos myself). I think our planet and the nature has the best set design ever – it´s pure perfection. I´m incredibly fascinated by the sky and our universe. I don’t use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The only online based inspiration platform I like is Pinterest and my own blog Field Notes, where I collect my inspiration and the things I love.

Image-focused online platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest continue to grow, as does the number of interiors magazines available online and print. Does this increased interest in home styling influence or affect your style of work?

I try to stay true to myself and not look too much at what others are doing. I have my own perspective on how I want to style things, and am not insecure when it comes to trends and must-haves – in fact, I often find myself doing the opposite. It’s fantastic that general interest in interiors has grown so much, but that also means that things become mainstream and in the long run, become boring.

I think our planet and nature has the best set design ever – it´s pure perfection.

For those wanting to start out professionally as a stylist, what must you have on hand at all times while shooting?

Keep several pairs of scissors in your work bag. One for only cutting textiles, one for only cutting paper and one for cutting everything else such as fishing line, tape and plastic. In my bag you will always find an assortment of small essentials: you need fishing line, lint rollers, sewing thread, clips, hammer, nails, tape, pencils, and a little black book for fantastic new ideas that pop up in your head during the shoot.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I´m quite a slow starter in the morning, I like being alone. I get up and start my morning routine, checking emails and scrolling the web. Sometimes I go to the gym for a workout, on other days I go for an early morning walk to clear my thoughts and get ready for the day.

Then I´m off to my studio [in Stockholm], grabbing a coffee and a croissant at my favourite café Pom & Flora on the way. At the studio I review what needs to be done with my assistant Joanna. If I have a shoot in the pipeline, I usually start preparations for prop hunting. I go through my sketches, mood boards, talk to the client and prepare myself in the best way possible.

When I don´t have a photo shoot hanging over me I´m working on own ideas, talking to different photographers about collaboration, having meetings all over town, sketching, decorating, finding stuff for my own home and trying to inspire myself with a movie, an exhibition or a good lunch with my best friends.

What are some of the most exciting locations your work has taken you?

Whenever my work involves travel it is lots of fun, but it is also a lot of work! The recent URBANARA shoot in South Africa was one of my best trips. The photographer Inge Prince was a blast to work with, and the entire team was fantastic and fun.

I have also worked in Ibiza with photographer Heidi Lerkenfeldt, whom I love and admire a lot. Heidi and I also had the funniest experience in Odense, Denmark at a wonderful, beautiful spa. Other highlights have included travel to Hamburg, Copenhagen, Finland, New York and Los Angeles.