Pink is the new grey

At the very latest since Pantone announced Rose Quartz as its official colour of the year (alongside Serenity blue), it’s abundantly clear that pink is very much on-trend. The dusty pastel, once reserved for young girls’ bedrooms and hair accessories, has made a dynamic entrance into the adult fashion and product packaging worlds, and graced the interior scene with a particular force.

While many trends enjoy a vigorous but brief stint in the style spotlight, this gentle hue has shed its Barbie-esque connotations and proven that, stigma removed, it can look impeccably adult and timelessly beautiful. Pink is here to stay.

The new neutral

Since it’s easy to combine with other hues, pink’s versatility has earned it a position amongst the most popular of neutrals and rivalling – at least in some rooms – the neutral powerhouse: grey. Here’s a guide on how to use it in your home to ensure you get the right look.

Calm & warm: pink stands for mindfulness

When choosing its colours of the year, US colour institute Pantone aims to capture the zeitgeist, selecting colours that represent the cultural and political mood. Aside from its obvious representation of gender politics, pink this year represents a yearning for peacefulness and deceleration, and an attentiveness to calming moments found in nature: skies bathed in pink on balmy summer eves, the fleeting, delicate beauty of cherry blossom. For the home, a peppering of pink brings calmness and harmony, helping us to decompress in the face of our hectic daily life.

Pink & Metallic: New glamour

In combination with rose gold and other metallic tones, the powder pastel brings warmth and glamour. The base colour is pink, which highlights the metallic’s glow. The rule here is ‘less is more’: choose a couple of gold, copper or brass accessories, such as a pendant or floor lamp, and pair with a larger expanse of pink for something statement, but kitsch-free.

Pink & Blue: Couple of the year

The colour combination of the year, pink and light blue is a ubiquitous pair. This colour-combo is inherently restful, and combines well with both white and graphic patterns in pastel shades. Together, they radiate clarity and freshness.

Pink & earthy hues: Nature calling

Just in time for autumn, a harmonic combination of pink and earthy tones creates an undeniably warm, cosy look. Colour blocking with brown or mustard recalls the toasty colours of autumn leaves, inviting nature into the home. Relaxation practically guaranteed.

Pink & Grey: Modern (under)statement

Combined with charcoal and grey, pink asserts its modern manner. Grey’s soberness gives the delicate powder colour an adult appeal and and brings a contemporary flair to your living space or bedroom. White and large-area graphic prints loosen the look and give it a more playful edge.


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