Personalised wedding gifts

Wedding season is upon us, and with it comes the challenge to find the perfect gift. Although wedding gifts typically lean towards luxury, it’s important to choose a present that is meaningful rather than ostentatious.

Before you start to shop, ask yourself what is the purpose of your gift. Are you giving the couple something you know they need, or is it something they will love, but are unlikely buy for themselves? Also think about your recipients’ home décor – do they like loud colours, or is their style more subdued? Is there a room they spend most of their time in, or that they have been planning to redecorate? Do they share an established home, or are they moving in together for the first time?

For those who prefer a handmade approach, personalising your chosen gift is a great way to add a unique touch. Our customisation service allows you to add dates, names, initials or quotes without having to undergo any do-it-yourself techniques yourself. With options to suit all budgets and tastes, we asked our team for their top picks for wedding gift ideas.


“When it comes to gifts, I prefer the classics. Our Arica Alpaca Blanket has a simple design which also makes it highly adaptable. You can throw an Arica over a sofa for a block colour effect, or have one draped over the end of the bed for extra warmth. It’s a staple piece that’s easily customised – the hardest part is deciding which one of the nine shades to choose.” Christiane, PR Manager


“Silk bed linen is something many might like to indulge in but may also struggle to invest in. Our Lucca collection is a gorgeous present for newlyweds who want something a step up from their existing bed linen. Depending on your budget, you can even add the fitted sheet from the collection to match the duvet and pillowcase.” Lena, Senior Operations & Supply Chain Manager


“At my home we have accumulated many towels over time – while not essential, it would be nice to have some that actually match! A quality towel set is a practical gift that may seem boring at first, but at least you know the recipients will get good use out of it. It’s also easy to add a name or initials on the band if you want to add a personal touch.” John, E-Commerce Manager


“At first glance our Cieza Quilt may seem like a regular beige bedspread, but close up you can see the gorgeous herringbone pattern that gives this piece a beautiful texture. It’s a beautiful gift for a younger couple who are moving into their first home together who have the bedroom essentials down but not the extra accoutrements that give the room a finished appearance.” Veronika, HR Manager


“Some may shy away from giving art as a gift, but I say go for it! It’s the kind of present that shows you have given considerable thought to the recipients’ personal style, and the chance to give them something unique that they can enjoy for years to come. Most of Myan Soffia’s work features rich colour and a romantic feel, and this piece is no exception.” Emily, Art Buyer


“When it comes to wedding gifts, I prefer investing in quality pieces which will last for a long time. The Salerno Bed Linen is exactly that – an Italian-made design crafted with pure Egyptian cotton, finished with Swiss St. Gallen lace. The fact that this collection only comes in crisp white makes it a safe choice.” Oliver, Senior Graphics Manager


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