Perfect pumpkin soup

  Fact: pumpkin is the official flavour of the season. With its rich colour and earthy taste, this fanciful fruit works beautifully in both sweet and savoury dishes. Although soup is standard autumn fare, that shouldn’t stop you from serving it up for a Sunday lunch with friends. Red kuri squash (or Hokkaido pumpkin, as it is commonly known) is smaller than your average variety, making it easy to fashion into a unique soup bowl.  
Slice the top of the pumpkin off, making the cut approximately two to centimetres from the top. This will create a bowl that is wide enough for you and your guests to comfortably eat from, while ensuring that the contents will not spill. Scoop out the contents and set aside to use when making the soup. 
Prepare the soup according to your favourite recipe (we quite like this one). If you end up with more pumpkin than your recipe calls for, adapt the volume to make a larger amount and freeze what you don’t immediately eat, or set aside the excess to use in a roast, pie or mash. 
Pumpkin seeds add a tasty crunch to your dish, while adding some contrasting colour. Try roasting these to serve in the soup, or put a bowlful on the table as a teaser for the main meal.
When the soup is ready, line up each of your pumpkins on the bench and scoop in the soup using a ladle. Sprinkle with handful of seeds or fresh basil leaves, and serve up on a plate alongside the original pumpkin top.

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