Packing made simple

First things first. It seems obvious, but think critically about the type of trip you’re taking to determine which baggage best suits your needs. If you’re running around town you’ll want a lightweight suitcase with wheels, but an oversized carry-on tote is enough to lug with you on a coastal getaway. If you’re inclined to pick up a few keepsakes along the way, it’s worth investing in excess luggage space in advance – keep a foldable bag into your pack as back-up.

Write the core details of your trip in your notebook before you go and save the remaining pages for journaling while you are away. Taking the time to jot down your thoughts each morning or evening, so you can reminiscence about your holiday long after the tan fades. Keep a few pages blank after every entry to add in ticket stubs or photobooth snaps, and have a few envelopes and postcards on hand to send back home.

When it comes to clothes, employ the multitasker. Think about full outfits rather than standalone pieces, and pack trans-seasonal clothing in complementary colours that you can mix and match – ideally, clothes that are designed to be worn a few different ways. A hammam towel can be worn as a scarf on the plane and used as a towel or sarong at your final destination. Wearing layers while in transit saves precious space in your case and keeping you covered as the temperature shifts from the departure lounge to the plane. Remember to roll clothes when packing to avoid nasty wrinkles and creases.

Coco Chanel once said that before a woman leaves the house, she should look in the mirror and take one thing off – the same goes for your suitcase. Don’t waste time lugging around pieces you’ll never wear or feel comfortable in. Evaluate your case before you zip up, and take anything out that is totally impractical or clashes with your usual style (and therefore, everything else you’ve packed). Do take a bag for day trips to the markets or the beach – somewhere to stow away day-to-day items like your headphones and sunglasses.

Finally, when your holiday is over, unpack strategically by stowing your passport, adaptors, maps and city guides away in a travel drawer. Having a dedicated place to store your travel items will save time when packing for your next trip and help you avoid any last minute drama. Bon voyage!


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