October: creature of comfort

Comfort. What does it mean to you? Where do you find it? It is the freedom that comes when you take off a pair of fabulously high heels, or the act of indulging in a slice of cake? Perhaps it is as simple as a good cup of tea, or curling up with a book in front of the fire.

For us, comfort starts at home: a place where we can be ourselves and enjoy time with family and friends. From the bedroom to the bathroom, each space is filled with objects that contribute to our well-being. Our belongings engage our senses, the familiar smells and sights help us feel at ease.

Touch is one of the simplest ways to achieve comfort – the feeling of being tucked up in bed with a soft cashmere blanket, or wrapping up in a warm fluffy towel after a long bath. The cooler weather that comes with October forces us indoors, longing for a few extra hours of sleep or more time to relax. This year, make the transition to winter a bit easier on yourself by taking time out – it’s your chance to re-energise before the hectic holiday season ahead.

Claire Davidson

URBANARA Co-founder

Director of Marketing and Product Development



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