New Year New Home

After the excesses of Christmas it’s time to take down the tinsel and and treat your living space to some inner calm. So it’s out with the old and in with the new with our top tips for a fresh new home…

    1. Tidy up and give your home the same detox you would give yourself and it too can feel re-energised and ready for the New Year ahead. Start with a serious de-clutter and good old fashioned clear out – tidying out cupboards frees up additional storage space, and it’s psychologically cleansing too. Bag up unwanted items and donate to your local charity shop.
    2. Source laundry and cleaning products that are eco based and sweet smelling such as lavender, citrus and floral based. These scents will give your home an early spring clean and fresh new aroma.
    3. Invest in new storage that looks good and works hard. Willow and rattan baskets are classic and suit any modern home. For a modern boho, try baskets in colourful woven plastics for kitchens and kids’ rooms, and for some industrial chic source metal trunks and cabinets.
    4. Fill your home with the natural fragrance of early scented paper white narcissus and hyacinths in energising shades of white and indigo. Pot decorative tubs or plant pots with spring bulbs, or fill a selection of vases with freshly cut flowers. Alternatively treat yourself to a orchid that will imbue a sense of serenity and purity.
    5. If you are considering re-decorating then it’s a great opportunity to introduce shades that are naturally cleansing and great for mentally detoxing. Swatch test several softer, barely there, calming shades of mist blue, spring green, chalk white, dove greys and see which works best with the natural light in the room.
    6. Introduce some touches of spring with motifs or patterns – flowers, insects such as butterflies, leaf prints and fruit on china and linens are all great ways to liven up a table for the welcoming of the new season.
    7. Introduce some boutique hotel style to the bedroom. Splash out on some chic new linens in crisp white with waffle or damask texture and a soft throw for the bottom of the bed. Gather up duvets and pillows and get them all professionally laundered.
    8. Turn your bathroom into a mini spa with super fluffy towels, scented candles, a sumptuous linen robe and slippers. Fill the bath with bubbles, lie back and relax and look forward to a super stylish year ahead.