Nature inspired decorations

Found objects such as leaves, acorns and pinecones make for great vignettes placed around the home, but it can take a while to collect an assortment of shapes that work well together. For an easy decoration with a natural touch, we’ve turned to one of our favourite edible seeds – the walnut. With their textural shell and earthy finish, walnuts look right at home placed on the coffee table or sideboard. Follow these four easy steps for a twist that brings a pop of colour to the room.


Choose paint colours that match your room’s overall décor. An assortment of three to four rich shades looks great together, but you might also prefer a monochromatic look and choose to simply work with one paint colour.


Hold the walnut carefully between your thumb and forefinger, painting both sides with a brush.


Leave the painted walnuts to dry overnight on baking paper, spaced apart from each other so they do not stick together.


Once dry, place the painted walnuts in a bowl and combine with the same volume of unpainted walnuts for a colour combination that really pops.