Make the perfect winter bed

Rainy days and Mondays were made for lazing in bed. But finding the right mix for your winter bed is important - you want to stay cosy without feeling laden down, using soft fibres that keep you well-insulated and snug. How to do this and still manage a sophisticated finish? Let our three looks below inspire your next wintry weekend bed-in. Just donĀ“t forget to keep your slippers nearby.


  1. Work out which blanket you most like the look and feel of, and keep a couple folded at the end of the bed - these are great to have on hand in the middle of the night if the temperature drops. Cashmere and alpaca are ultra-cosy and lightweight, but woolly blankets give your bed a classic layered finish. Let comfort rule your decisions and build your bed around your favourite materials. The same goes for winter bed linen - flannel is our top pick, but high thread count cotton sheets will also keep you feeling warm provided you have the right coverage on top.

  2. Let's be clear: not all duvets are made equal. An all-seasons duvet does exactly what it says on the box, but your summer duvet might need back-up when it comes to feeling cosy. A winter duvet is optimal, but the rate of warmth required depends the climate you are living in - your winter best choice is a duvet with a high tog rating. This industry standard term is used to measure the warmth of a duvet, specifying the units of thermal resistance. The higher the tog, the warmer the duvet, and the less layers you will need during the night (including those flannel pyjamas).

  3. Any room can easily be warmed up with colour. Rich reds and woody tones will make your bedroom more inviting and add personality during colder seasons, fighting back against a grey backdrop outside. Incorporating textiles is a simple, affordable way to add new bold shades without making drastic changes, such as painting, adding wallpaper or incorporating new furniture. Draped blankets or bedspreads are ideal for those who prefer block colours, or mix and match three or five cushions in the same colour and contrasting patterns - the latter perfect for propping up with a book in bed.