Live life outside

There’s no need to spend summertime cooped up inside. Bring the beauty of your home outside by creating a comfortable space in your backyard or on the balcony using gorgeous cushions, blankets and lanterns.

Combining patterns is far easier than it may seem. Choose between three to five designs which vary in size, then work with similar colour tones to unify the overall look and feel.

Designed to be strung up between two trees, the humble hammock is the ultimate outdoor living accessory. Grab an icy drink, a good book and prop yourself up with a few firm cushions for a real afternoon treat.

Inspired by burnt orange and red ochre landscapes of South Africa, earthy pigments take centre stage this summer. It’s easy to style rich shades with accessories you already have on hand – make a statement by pairing patterns or block colours with cool, classic whites for maximum effect.

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