Linen bed linen: top tips to keep yours crisp and clean

The easy elegance of 100% natural linen bed linen makes it a fabulous choice for your bedroom. Non-allergenic, it’s made from the fibres of the flax plant, and their length creates its wonderful smooth feel. Whether ironed flat, or left more relaxed, it will dress your bed beautifully, and feel cool in summer and comfortably warm in winter as it’s light and breathable. With proper care, linen will last even longer than quality cotton bed linen. Best of all, it’s easy to look after and will actually become softer and brighter with every wash. Discover how to look after it.


Linen bed linen is simple to launder in your washing machine. It may shrink by around 3 to 4% when it’s first laundered because it’s a natural product, but ours is made to fit correctly after the first wash. Turn dark pillowcases and duvet covers inside out first to prevent fading, and wash separately or with similar colours. Use the linen programme if your machine has one, or a gentle cycle with a low spin speed setting and a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Always use a gentle detergent, and avoid bleach. Wash out any stains straightaway.

Linen dries quickly, and this should be done naturally unless the bed linen design is marked as being suitable for the tumble dryer on the label – some of ours are. Dry it as flat as possible to help prevent creasing. White linens can be line dried in direct sunlight to help retain their colour. Don’t let linen dry completely if you’re going to iron it; it should be a little damp.
For a smooth finish, iron linen bed linen on the linen setting – using a steam iron will help. If it has dried out, use distilled water in a spray bottle to dampen it again. Iron the wrong side first then the right side to enhance your bed linen’s sheen.
Keep linen bed linen neatly folded in a cool, dry, dark and well-ventilated cupboard – stored clean, it shouldn’t be attractive to moths. Line the shelves with acid-free tissue paper to help keep the fabric in best condition and your bed linen will help you sleep comfortably for many years to come.