February: Like Someone in Love

Cynics and singletons often dismiss the day as superficial, yet it is possible to celebrate Valentine’s Day without succumbing to kitsch. In Finland the occasion is known as ‘Ystävänpäivä’: Translating literally as ‘Friend’s Day,’ it is a chance to celebrate and honour one’s pals. What better way to share the love?

Whether or not you are part of a pair, why not spend the 14th doing something special for friends and family this year? Start a new tradition among the ones you love by sending a letter or a card to someone special you haven’t seen in a while. Surprise a colleague with a jar of freshly baked treats, or make a garland for a friend and affix it to their door. As we face the tail-end of winter, it’s the little touches make the day a little bit sweeter.

Claire Davidson
URBANARA Co-founder
Director of Marketing and Product Development