Keep your holiday alive

Long-awaited holidays and special events are effortlessly documented these days, but too often these memories are left to languish in print form inside a dusty shoebox or forgotten on an old digital memory card. If you’ve been thinking about starting to showcase your photos but are not sure where to begin, it’s time to pick up the washi tape. This vibrant tape from Japan is fabulous for decorating, particularly when it comes to paper crafts that require minimal adhesive. Easy to use, accessible and with the right amount of colour, here’s four ways you can use washi to keep your holiday alive.


Keeping a travel diary is a great way to keep showcase small mementos you picked up along the way. Tickets, maps, postcards or hand-written notes look lovely in a collage alongside photos. Mix and match different washi designs for maximum effect.


Reminiscent of photos hanging in a darkroom, this classic way to display your snaps is sweet and simple. Take a piece of twine and establish how many photos you plan to hang – it’s easy to do this ad hoc but you may also like to place the twine on the floor first to establish how the photos will be placed and spaced alongside each other. Cut the twine, affix it to the wall using a few pieces of washi tape, then use clothes pegs to secure each photo to the twine. Adorn each peg with washi tape prior to hanging for a bright finish.


Give old photo frames a face lift by affixing washi tape in different patterns. Experiment with horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, and consider which colour tape best complements the image displayed in the frame. Don’t keep this one to yourself – framed photos are a fabulous gift for friends and family, especially when they come with a personalised touch.


Have you printed a bunch of images at different sizes? Freestyle! The great thing about washi is that is leaves no residue on walls and can easily be removed and reapplied. Pull together a rotation of holiday snaps and update as often as the mood strikes. This works well for positioning photos above your workstation or desk – places where it’s important to have new inspiration on a regular basis.

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