Is this the world’s best wool blanket?

Why everyone loves the Gotland Blanket

The Gotland Wool Blanket is our hands down, number one bestseller. Since we first created it in 2011, Gotland Blankets have graced homes all over England and the world, from Sydney to Bangkok to Mexico City. It’s a regular star on Instagram, loved by both customers and interior stylists.

But what makes this blanket everyone’s favourite, exactly? There’s more than one thing to love about this Scandi accessory.

1: The design: Rugged, Scandinavian beauty at its finest

The Gotland’s design is inspired by iconic Scandinavian style, and is a testament to where it was made. Named after the Swedish Isle and its woolly inhabitants, the island’s dramatic, natural landscape features fine sand beaches, rugged limestone formations and quiet, remote landscapes: a beautiful, wholesome blend of natural refinement and ruggedness. It’s this combination of classic refinement and the wholesome look and feel of wool that makes the Gotland Blanket a handsome accessory and the best wool blanket around.

Handsome inhabitants of Gotland Island

2. Happy sheep produce high-quality wool

We use 100% natural Scandinavian wool from Gotland sheep to produce a blanket that has all the benefits of wool, like warmth and cosiness and incredibly durability, plus some.

Gotland sheep are known around the world for their lustrous, silky fleece. It’s soft and curly, and possesses a natural silvery sheen. From year to year, colour variations can be perceived, influenced by the weather and the grasses on which the sheep graze, its provenance visible in each blanket. The sheep would be proud.

So natural is each blanket that, upon first unwrapping, a slight odour can be perceived. This wears off after around three weeks, and the wool is of such high-quality that it actually softens with use.

Gotland Fleece

3. Diamonds are forever

Trends come and go, but a classic diamond design with simple fringing will always be en vogue. The colourways we chose are warm and rustic and elegant all at once, working with all décors. The grey fibres in each of the colourways are left undyed, ensuring the silvery quality of the wool comes through. And they come in a generous 140 x 200 cm size – ample for wrapping up in, plus an oversized 220 x 240 cm, ideal for the bed.

Gotland Blanket Colours

4. The world’s best wool blanket is more than that…

Pure wool blankets are warming, fluffy and comforting, and make excellent sofa companions on cold, wintery evenings. They work beautifully too as extra layers on the bed thanks to the high insulating properties of the fibres, which are good at trapping heat.

Wool isn’t exclusively a winter fibre: it’s extremely breathable and regulates temperature well, so good to wrap up in on warm evenings as the temperature drops.

It’s incredibly durable too: wool fibres can be bent around 20,000 times before breaking, compared to only 40 times for synthetic fibres. In summer, take the Gotland along to a picnic: it’s certainly up for the task.