Introducing Spring/Summer 2017

Introducing Spring Summer 2017

This Spring/Summer 2017, we invite you to curate design and wisdom of ages against the backdrop of your home, using pieces with a decidedly Mexican flair. Let us set the scene…

The sun is hot and bright overhead: the cloudless sky acts as a natural skylight in the open, shaded patio. Cool, patterned tiles and concrete walls, their colours faded by many summers, are a welcome retreat in the heat of the day.

Introducing the new Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

Spring/Summer 2017 - Outdoor living

Woven rattan furniture and lush-leaved greenery in weathered pottery are textured and true. Natural elements providing a calm backdrop for pastel pairings and more ornamental details.

Fresh, clean colours reflect invitingly against ripples on a pool. Ice chinks against swivel sticks and frosty glasses, and the mood is ripe for grazing and a tipple, for chatting and toasting into the night.

Spring/Summer 2017 - Poolside

This Spring/Summer is characterised by a sense of belonging: everyone is welcome, everything has a place, each has a story to tell. It’s a place that celebrates where we’ve come from, a blueprint for how to live well.

As mornings dawn, early light and a warm breeze invite themselves inside through open doors. Zesty citrus from freshly-squeezed juice scents the air.

Traditional accents in patterns and embroidery create a sense of wisdom, attesting to all we’ve done and learned. Knotted rugs and ornate mirrors are consciously selected, their detail an invitation to appreciate long-standing design. Light linens and colours create a hot-weather sanctuary. Each piece is carefully considered, painting home as the canvas against which to style our lives.

Spring/Summer 2017 - Pattern Living
Spring/Summer 2017 - Outdoor bedroom

As the day begins, so too does the city. The gentle hum of the neighbourhood and smell of fresh coffee wafts through windows… a reminder of the buzz outside, of the world we live in, and people and places we call home.

Spring/Summer 2017 - Mustard bedroom
Spring/Summer 2017 - Patterned rugs
Spring/Summer 2017 - Mexican living
Spring/Summer 2017 - Princess suite