Introducing Pincodes: Curated boards for better browsing

Heads up, design aficionados. The global inspiration platform Pinterest has launched a whole new way to discover trends and find inspiration on its app… and we’re happy to let you know that URBANARA is now on board.

Their new feature, dubbed ‘Pincodes’, allows app-users to scan branded QR-like codes that send them to specially-curated Pinterest boards, all from within the app.

1. Open your Pinterest app
2. Click on the camera icon
3. Scan the Pincode
4. Browse dozens of styles in the palm of your hand

What are Pincodes, exactly?

Pincodes are like QR codes, but exclusive to Pinterest… and much more focused on customer rewards and inspiration.

They work like a unique visual trigger which, when scanned via the Pinterest app, takes the Pinner to a specific board that’s been specially curated. When you’re in the app, you can press the camera icon to ‘Lens’ (Pinterest talk for scan) anything you want – a handbag, a bowl of strawberries, a light fixture.

But when you Lens a Pincode, you are taken to a special board that allows users to browse pins that relate to one specific topic.

Where can I find URBANARA Pincodes?

Want to discover new season collections? Wondering how others are styling similar items? Want to see tips and tricks on caring for the piece you’ve just bought?

We’ve kicked off our URBANARA Pincodes on a number of our printed assets: watch out for them in your next URBANARA order, and keep your eyes peeled, too; we’ll be launching lots more throughout the year.

Happy browsing!