At home with… Melanie Nedeko from interior design blog Wiener Wohnsinn

Author of the coveted Wiener Wohnsinn blog, Melanie Nedeko is a self-described ‘design-fanatic’: between spending time with her two daughters and pursuing her love of photography, Melanie dives into the world of design, using her own home as a canvas for new ideas. Marrying her love of design, craft, and all things lifestyle, Melanie entered the design blogosphere in 2010 to share her ideas with the world. So taken were we by her beautifully designed blog that we approached her to get a better sense of her style, inspiration, and tips.
Interior blogger Melanie Nedeko

As a photographer, you have a strong sense of harmonious composition and style, which carries through to your home interior. Do you have any tips on how our readers can implement their own ideas into their homes?

Thank you so much for the compliment!

I’m a huge fan of Pinterest and Scandinavian blogs. It’s easier to get a good feel for interior design when you can take inspiration from other, ‘outside’, sources. With the inspiration that I come across, I’m able to build a picture step by step and interpret them in my own way, to then implement them in my own home. It’s an advantage to have a good basic feeling for colours, which will have a big influence over the harmony of the room.

How would you describe your interior design style, and are there any pieces of furniture or accessories that you couldn't imagine not having in your apartment?

My design is heavily influenced by Scandinavian style. I love light, warm wood combined with white and black as contrasts. It’s the walls and accessories that carry the colour in the rooms, by means of fabrics and decoration. I simply couldn't imagine our home without cushions, curtains and rugs – they create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

How did you get the idea to write an interior and lifestyle blog, and has it evolved since you started it four years ago?

I was always a DIY girl; I did lots of creative things with my kids, rearranged our apartment, painted walls… Friends were always asking me for tips and my opinion on their own homes in terms of wall colours and where they should position this or that piece of furniture. It was a simple truth that I wanted to share my ideas with others – and so Wiener Wohnsinn was born, and I haven’t regretted a single second!

I really enjoy it when readers are inspired by my blog, and sometimes it even gives them a kick-start to tackle their own projects.

You don’t live alone, but rather with your family. How much influence do your husband and daughters have over the interior – or do they simply leave you to your own devices?

My husband is more technically orientated, and isn't particularly interested by my ‘decoration delusions’. Only sometimes, like when the colour of the corridor has changed for the third time in six months, does he voice his opinion… But in general I think he likes what I do in our home. Both of my daughters have inherited my interest in creating beautiful interiors – they always enthusiastically take part when we rearrange furniture, repaint walls or redecorate with new seasonal collections.

It’s that time of year when it’s foggy and cold outside, and the home, more than ever, is the centre of activities. What’s the first thing you do when you get home?

I love this time of year – even though the grey makes takes its toll on my mood…! When I get home, I light candles and the fire place, and play jazz music in the background. With a cup of tea, we sit ourselves down and get comfortable in front of the fire and savour the calm that follows a stressful day.