At home with Igor Josifovic from Happy Interior Blog

Austrian born interior blogger Igor Josifovic is an advocate of happy homes. For him, it’s simple – a happy home is defined by how content you feel in your living space. The man behind Happy Interior Blog believes a lovingly furnished home with an added personal touch is essential to his happiness.
Interior blogger Igor Josifovic

Although you’re originally from Austria, you’ve lived in Munich and spent a lot of time in Paris too. Would you say these two cities influence your interior style?

The cities themselves don’t influence my style as such; it’s more the discoveries I’ve made (or bought!) there and it’s the same for other cities I’ve been to. When I visit somewhere, there’s always a small part of it that comes home with me. Even if the gift or design doesn’t have anything to do with the city specifically, it’s still important to me, so I can connect with the memory of that place.

What inspired you to start blogging and has your blog changed in the last three years?

I started blogging in 2011, but I’d been tweeting about interior design for some time before that. I wanted a platform where I could gather and share all my online discoveries and that’s how my blog was born.

Judging from your blog, it seems you've created your own style. Do you have any tips for our readers on how to create their own style without simply imitating someone else’s?

The most important tip is time. Style develops and evolves over time – just like our personalities. The things I loved in the early days of blogging are no longer of interest to me. Being an interior blogger, my style has developed over the last three years and it’s something I’ve grown conscious of, especially being surrounded by beautiful design all the time – in that sense, you really get a feeling for what you like.

As the temperatures dip outside, we’re spending more time staying cosy at home these days. How do you make the most of your weekend at home?

There’s nothing I enjoy more than waking up to a long, leisurely breakfast after a good night’s sleep. I also enjoy a long lie-in with comfy pillows and blankets, a pot of tea on the side and a good book; especially in the winter – it’s my favourite way to spend the weekend!