Home is better with U: Hege in France

Home is better with U: Hege in France

All images used with permission from blogger.

There is something comforting about Scandinavian style. While interior trends – by definition – come and go, Scandi style has developed into a sub-genre of design in its own right; a design philosophy, if you will, and one whose core principles of clarity, light, naturalness and contrast can be adapted to suit all rooms, all styles, all panaches.

It’s this philosophy we wanted to capture in the second of our Home is Better with U blogger series, and who better to ask about Scandinavian style than a Scandi stylist?

If you love clean lines and texture, we recommend a visit to Hege in France.

The stylist

Meet Hege Morris, the Norwegian, Glasgow-dwelling interiors blogger and self-confessed DIY addict… and soon to become your new favourite Scandi inspiration destination.

If you’re infatuated by the clean, simple lines and textural qualities of Scandinavian design, we highly recommend a visit to Hege’s blog, Hege in France.

Interior Blogger Hege Morris

A few minutes pottering around her digital scrapbook and it’s quickly clear she works with a stylist’s eye: her blog is a polished, high-quality collection of designs and concepts that are driven by impeccable principles of design.

What is striking, though, is that despite this immaculate aesthetic, the collection of images from her own home and her own style musings are incredibly down to earth, real, and achievable.

For our Home is Better with U series, which invites bloggers to express their true style while sharing what makes their home better, we knew we’d found someone perfect.

The results? Simple, textural perfection. So we asked her a little more about her look.

5 minutes with Hege

What are the five words you’d use to describe your style?

Minimal; green; clean lines; functional; comfy.

Since you already snuck in an extra word there, tell us what your home style is like.

My style changes every so often and I have to say I really like that. When we lived in France it was all about vintage treasures. Now, in the UK it’s a lot more Nordic than it was before. The first thing I did in our rented apartment was to paint all the magnolia painted walls white. It lifted the flat and made it a lot brighter.

I’m also on the lookout for a vintage table. I think a few vintage details still look great.

You say your style always changes… What’s the one interior trend that you will never, ever get sick of?

One thing that hasn’t changed is my love of green plants; if anything it’s stronger now than it ever was. I love the way a green plant can brighten up a room. The more the merrier!

A home needs to feel like a place you can relax and be yourself in.

What made you start a blog?

I didn’t really know much about blogging back then. I started Hege in France in 2011 as a kind of a diary for my DIY projects. I used to upcycle furniture – something I love and wish I had the space to do here. I started styling my furniture then kind of fell into photographing my styles. I had a basic camera, but it was ok to start with.

People seemed to like the furniture I found and what I did with it, so I kept blogging and grew a following.

The best piece of advice you can give those wanting to find their own interior style?

Using Pinterest to collect images of your ideal home is a good way to start. Create boards for different rooms, and try then to recreate them in your own home. You could also try mood boarding, which is a great tool for finding your style. (Mood boarding involves collecting colours, patterns, images, and products that define the overall style of the project or space).

There are also nice sites like {at}mine where you can get ideas.

Finish this sentence: Home is better with…

A space you’re comfortable in. I don’t think it should be too show home-y… A home needs to feel like a place you can relax and be yourself in.

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