Home is better with U: Cate St Hill

Home is better with U: Cate St Hill

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If home were the feeling that you get from finding an outfit that flatters your shape, compliments your complexion, makes you look and feel sophisticated and empowered, but feels like your favourite flannel PJs to wear, you’ve probably found the clothing-equivalent of Cate St Hill’s abode.

Based in London, Cate is an interiors and design blogger who shares inspiration for relaxed, uplifting and clever designs that make for happier and healthier homes. She is also a founder-member of at{mine}, the social network for home and design lovers.

With a healthy following of style-admirers on Pinterest and an enviable Instagram account, it’s no wonder that Cate St Hill is recognised by HIBS100 as one of the UK’s top and most influential lifestyle blogs.

Her style

A few minutes pottering around her blog and one immediately gets a feel for Cate’s style: calm neutral palettes, earthy texture and un-cluttered surfaces are peppered with personal touches and a hint of mid-century flair.

Clean but lived in; styled, but not showroom. In short, a beautiful backdrop for la vie quotidienne.

Clean but lived in; styled, but not showroom. A beautiful backdrop for la vie quotidienne

The timeless of her style is complemented – and upheld – by her philosophy of ‘home’. Believing that ‘good design should be accessible to everyone’, she advocates on her about page for a ‘feel’ approach to interior design: choosing pieces that are thoughtfully made, and made to last, will come together to create a space that promotes calm, feel-good-vibes, and intimacy.

Interior Blogger Cate St Hill

We couldn’t agree more, and it was at this point that the penny dropped: we had discovered a kindred spirit. Who better to kick-start our new ‘Home is Better with U’ campaign?

What makes her house a home?

Recently, we launched the ‘Home is better with U’ campaign, which focuses on the things that make home special. As the backdrop of our lives where moments turn into memories, home is the place we share things we love with ones we love.

Our collaboration with Cate St Hill is the first in a series of working with bloggers and designers to pay heed to the small things that make home special for you and yours.

Home is better with…

Cate and her partner are currently in the process of selling their flat, which means the nostalgic realisation that she soon must part with the nooks and crannies unique to her current home. It was one particular nook – the reading-come-morning-coffee-come-big-night-in-spot – that begins her piece.

Home should be designed around how we live not just how we want it to look.

“For me, an interior is more than just a statement or display, they’re places that should be designed around how we live not just how we want it to look.” The things that you put in there should work to create a backdrop of the how you want to live your life…

For some of her photo shoots, she confesses, she ‘can be guilty of tidying up or making things look cleaner, but here [she shows] what these spaces are really like day-to-day’.

And of the mess and clutter, every now and then?

‘I actually like having things around me that tell my story. It doesn’t matter if it’s not completely on trend […] it’s for YOU and should be where you feel at home.’

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