Gift wrapping made simple

Beautiful gifts begin with gorgeous wrapping. Brown paper packages tied up with string works for some, but a little extra love and care will make even the grumpiest Scrooge smile.

At URBANARA, we take great pride in gift wrapping our parcels as nicely as we possibly can throughout the whole year. We're big believers in a quality finish - and beautiful products should be treated with love and care. But Christmas gift wrapping is something extra special. And if you love Christmas just as much as we do, we can almost see you vigorously nodding your heads in agreement. For Christmas, we enjoy mixing it up by pairing colours and contrasting wrapping paper patterns for a distinctive look underneath the tree.

Our favourite look of all, though, is brown paper packaging tied up with... ribbon. Come on, it's Christmas. We're allowed to get a little bit fancy! Some silver and gold paper thrown in the mix, with contrasting red ribbon and natural (inexpensive) decorations that you've snipped off your real Christmas tree and you've got yourself a present that they'll almost want to leave intact.

Let our gallery inspire your best wrapping efforts yet, best achieved with the handy list of tools below.


  1. Sufficient wrapping paper. Friendly tip: this is not the place to skimp! Better a few more inches than too few. We recommend opting for paper with a medium weight – too heavy and it is difficult to fold, too light and you risk it being torn underneath the tree.
  2. Sharp, quality scissors
  3. Transparent tape
  4. A pencil
  5. Ribbon (again, err on the generous side)
  6. Gift boxes
  7. Gift tags
  8. Finishing touches (cinnamon sticks, small pine cones or holly branches work well)

Gift wrapping in 3 steps...

1. Start by wrapping your gift with your chosen gift wrapping paper. When folding around the gift, make sure the creases are firmly pressed. If your gift is boxed, aim to fold the paper around the gift so that the end of the paper lines up exactly in the middle. You'll then be able to hide the folded edge with your ribbon for a clean look on all sides.

2. Take a length of ribbon and place it over the top of the box, securing underneath with a piece of tape. Take another length and do the same to form a cross. By taping the ribbon, you'll end up with a flat-sitting present. Use another generous length of ribbon to tie a bow.

3. Finish your gift with a simple decoration, like a frond of a fir tree or a cinnamon stick, and voilà! A perfectly wrapped gift that will surprise and delight... even before they've opened it!


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