Get the guest room ready

In the busy days before Christmas, preparing the guest room can end up last in a long list of things to do. We all want our friends and family to have a comfortable stay, but this can take a little extra effort when accommodating for more than just a couple of visitors. A few thoughtful touches go a long way, and will be remembered long after your guests head home.


  1. Flowers and candles on the bedside table immediately make a room feel inviting. However, be mindful of fragrance: some guests love the beautiful smell of lilies or lavender, but others may find it overwhelming. Whether opting for a scented candle or strong-smelling bloom, find a balance between the two that doesn’t overpower the room.

  2. Drying off with a thick and fluffy towel is of life’s little luxuries. Place a towel set on the end of the guest bed, and gently show your guests where their towel can be hung after use during the initial tour of your home. Don’t skimp – supplying a second towel to dry one’s hair with is always appreciated, even if your guest packed a hair dryer.

  3. What better to conjure up the feeling of a hotel quality stay than top-quality bed linen? Use bedding best suited to the weather – we prefer flannel for winter, linen for summer and high thread count cotton for all seasons. Tuck in the corners, fluff the pillows and give the crisp, clean sheets a final freshen up with linen spray before your guests arrive. Leave an extra blanket, slippers and a robe to help your guests feel truly at home.

  4. After a long journey your visitors may need time out to recalibrate. Stock the guestroom with a note pad and pen, along with a variety of reading materials. Mix it up with international magazines and books on your city, and give your guests space and time to relax and unwind during their stay.