Gallery: Behind the scenes on our SS16 photoshoot

Take a break from everyday life, go on an adventure: this summer is about being carefree. Driving along great open roads, you take in the raw, natural beauty of dusty deserts and cacti, the distant, expansive view of the horizon… the stillness makes time move in slow motion. The warm breeze parts your hair, and rogue strands dance across your face. The air is dry and the sun is warm as it sets over a sunburnt landscape, grey-blue shadows a cool respite. At dusk, the light show begins: rich sunsets and pastel twilights satisfies even the most intense wanderlust.

This trip is a journey back to nature. Your senses are heightened as you feel light fabrics billow against your skin and hot, dusty grounds underfoot. Stone and wood surfaces are weathered by the elements and faded by the sun. Hazy heat blurs and softens edges, setting the mood for long, carefree days. This is freedom.

Welcome to our Spring Summer 2016 collection. Join us on our journey.