Combining colours with Laura Lutz

When it comes to combining colours and patterns, our product designer and trend researcher Laura Lutz is an expert. From visiting trade fairs to conceptualising key products, working with colour and design takes centre stage in Laura’s daily life. Bold shades and strong patterns inspire many key URBANARA collections, but it can be a creative challenge to mix these with other stand-out shades or designs. “From talking to customers we learnt that many would like to experiment with combining colours, but aren’t sure how to get started,” says Laura. “With a few basic tips you can easily mix and match colours and patterns that suit your personal taste while creating a new atmosphere at home."

“Blacks and greys are neutral tones that create a sense of calm. If you prefer a bolder look and want to work with patterns, choose between three to five designs with motifs that vary in size, and continue working with similar colour tones to unify the overall look and feel."

“Certain colours go hand in hand: experiment with blue and caramel, yellow and grey or hot pink and chocolate in fittings and soft furnishings. Contrasting shades have maximum effect, so be mindful of what other colours will also be in the room to avoid making a restless atmosphere."

“Flowers are a great way of playing around with a monochrome look. Try red on red, or a blend of lilac, purple and violet together. Tell your florist what colour scheme you are working with at home so they can create a beautiful bouquet based on that colour."
“Colours that sit alongside each other in the colour wheel provide a pleasant harmony of contrasts. Warm yellow, orange and red hues look great together, and depending on the intensity can convey a feeling of vitality and security."

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