Four things every professional picnic-goer knows

The sun is shining, the grass is green, and Britain’s terraces, parks and gardens are once more teeming with life: it’s picnic season. Whether in the garden, a city park or the open countryside (lucky you!), here are four ways to elevate your picnic to standards Jane Austen would revere.


The best seat in the house (outside)

Enjoyment increases exponentially when you stay dry, warm, cushioned from the ground, and do it in style, so investing in a good quality picnic blanket is the first step to becoming a picnic pro. This one has a soft filling, a waterproof backing, neat ties for easy rolling and a gorgeous print too - so it ticks all the boxes for your picnic requirements.

Furnish your surrounds

Like a portable coffee table, use a large serving board to keep all your eatables and drinks steady while you wile away the hours. (No more trying to find that flat patch of grass to rest your glass!) If you’re picnicking in your garden, it’s practical when packing up too: pile everything on top and it’s only one trip back to the kitchen.

A chopping board and a good knife

A stick of Italian salami, a wedge of hard cheese, vine ripened tomatoes, and a loaf of crusty bread are all fabulous picnic basket fillers, but their charm is lost a little by serving them pre-cut. Place them, plus any other oily Mediterranean eats, on a chopping board and cut as you go, plus save on dishes for later.

Avoid a plastic party

Although we would always recommend going the extra mile to drink from glasses over plastic, porcelain crockery isn’t ideal for dining par terre. But plastic isn’t the only other option. Wooden bowls and platters are light, non-breakable, and look gorgeous: perfect for professional picnicking!