Gift Ideas for every kind of dad

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Father’s Day is almost here, and choosing an appropriate present obviously depends on your dad’s personal interests and ambitions. Some fathers have a propensity for collecting, a penchant for sports, a strong dedication to work, or maybe culinary prowess. Here then are some Father's Day gift ideas inspired by activities that excite your dad.

1. The Hoarder

This compulsive collector can be found in the shed on weekends, pottering around among decades of junk. His unwillingness to let go of items past their use-by date is evident in his attire, whether it’s the threadbare slippers, well-worn cardigan or spectacles sticky-taped back together. It’s unlikely this dad’s bed sheets and blankets have been updated for some time, so spruce up his style with our handsome Nashua Bed Linen.

2. The Adventurer

Whether navigating a new walking track or taking part in a triathlon, this Dad is happiest on the go. He enjoys keeping fit, and regularly makes time for a foggy dawn jog or morning swim. Our Serena Beach Towel is perfect for drying off after a dip, and features masculine, maritime stripes.

3. The Workaholic

If you can’t wrestle the iPad or smartphone out of your father’s hands, you can at least give him a light, bright and stylish place to work. For dads who live to work, place a Skaro Floor Lamp by his desk and make sure he’s doing it in style (and isn’t tiring his eyes).

4. The Cook

A deft hand with a pair of barbeque tongs, this dad isn’t afraid of building a wood fire oven in the backyard or tackling a homebrew kit. He’s comfortable plotting culinary feasts and at home behind the grill. Keep his shirts clean and hands safe from heat with our Silao Apron and Oven Mitt Set, a neat, neutral combo.

And to the dads secretly reading this for themselves… Happy Father’s Day from us!