Eight easy steps for a cosy Christmas at home

Welcome guests this festive season with mulled wine, extra blankets on the bed and pools of flickering candlelight. Follow our eight easy steps on how to cosy up your home for Christmas and you will have a very happy holiday indeed.

  1. Do as the Danish do and have some hygge. In essence, hygge means creating a nice, warm atmosphere to enjoy with friends and family. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge, so stock up on all types. Add twinkly tea lights to mercury glass holders, group church candles by the fireside, and source candles scented with citrus, spice or winter foliage, to imbue warmth and fragrance.
  2. Spruce up the guest room and add a luxurious rug underfoot and a blanket as an extra layer for the bed. Invest in super soft flannel bed linen and tuck a hot water bottle under the duvet for a seriously sumptuous sleep.
  3. Pile extra throws and cushions onto the sofa. Opt for natural wools in festive checks and plaids – wool is a natural material and designed to trap the warmth in its fibres. Choose from mohair, alpaca or, for the ultimate in luxury and interior chic, treat yourself to 100% pure cashmere.
  4. Serve up mulled wine. For a simple recipe warm a full-bodied red wine in a pan with a muslin bag of all spice, cinnamon and cloves and simmer gently. Serve in glass cups with handles, or glasses with ‘blankets’ of felt wrapped round for protection from the heat, secured tightly with string. That way you and your guests won’t burn your fingers whilst you enjoy.
  5. Treat yourself to some trays. You can’t have too many at Christmas, as their uses are endless. Welcome guests with a tray of mugs of hot chocolate, spoil someone special with treats on a tray for breakfast in bed, and make a fabulous centerpiece for the table by filling one with foliage, tea lights and baubles.
  6. Fill your home with fragrance. Dress mantelpieces with branches of pine and herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and bay for a naturally perfumed aroma. Make decorative spice garlands with lengths of string, cinnamon sticks, star anise and dried orange discs.
  7. Ensure your lighting is creating a soft ambience. Table lamps are ideal down lighters for creating pools of light and a few at various heights will work wonders for adding a warm glow. Replace clear bulbs with soft toned ones and look out for extra special incandescent gold tinted glass bulbs for some real Christmas sparkle.
  8. Drape a soft snuggly sheepskin over a metal or wooden dining chair for extra comfort and some Scandi style. A fine wool check throw or length tartan fabric will make a great seasonal modern rustic and impromptu alternative to a tablecloth too.


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