All about Egyptian cotton bedding

Egyptian cotton has long been synonymous with luxury. Its superior status within the cotton family has transformed the term into a buzzword, turning up everywhere from song lyrics to novels. But what makes Egypt’s most infamous export so special?


In textile production, a standard length of fibre is called a staple. Egyptian cotton is distinguished from its lesser counterparts by its extra-long staple. These long, luxe fibres are stronger than other varieties and more easily spun into thread, as opposed to spinning many shorter pieces together. Egyptian cotton thread have continuous length and can be easily woven into strong, lustrous fabric.


Primarily cultivated in the Nile Delta, a known agricultural region, the warm, dry desert climate is ideal for growing cotton. But although the Egyptian cotton plant originates in Egypt, it is technically possible to grow the variety in other countries that have the appropriate climate – similarly to how a good Cabernet grape can be grown in South America, Italy or California. Despite its international production, Egyptian cotton still only accounts for 0.5% of the world’s cotton output: a fact that contributes to its sought-after status.

Origins aside, all Egyptian cotton has a long ripening period and is therefore carefully picked by hand. The absence of mechanical harvesting leaves the fibres intact and undamaged, in the best possible state for spinning.


Bedding is where you get the benefit most from Egyptian cotton’s high-quality look and feel. From flat sheets to fitted sheets, pillowcases to duvet covers, the quality fibres result in super soft, breathable fabric for a good night’s sleep. As we spend approximately a third of each day in bed, it’s worth seeing how far your budget can stretch to invest in a full set for your bed. Egyptian cotton is naturally resistant to pilling and the fabric will soften with age, so with the right care this type of bedding will last for years to come, saving you pounds in the long run.

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