Easy home organisation tips


As summer draws slowly to a close, seemingly over before it had begun, the serenity of long, care-free days gives way to new challenges.

Whether for work, study or your personal life, the changing season is a propitious moment to tackle fresh, new projects. And no matter what kind, there's merit to paying heed to a few niggling tasks of the organisation orientation to give yourself the best possible start.

We’re strong believers in the power of a tidy home to help clear the mind and focus on new, (autumnal - there, we said it) challenges. It needn’t be a project in itself, though. These are our fail-safe, easy-to-achieve in an afternoon organisation tips. Let us know how you go.

First impressions count, so make sure your entrance is tidy and clutter free. Our top easy-to-abide-by tip? Take clutter off the floor and hang it on the walls.

A fun spot of colour, the Assens Hook Set serves as coat hooks, shopping bags, handbags, hats, keys and umbrellas (and literally anything else you can think of). Advantage: it’s easy and quick to hang anything, so you’re likely to continue to use them.

Our hand-woven, ethically-made Kaedi collection is a stellar example of how cleaning solutions don’t need to fall short on style. In fact, this straw and wool collection is quite the looker, and adds a seriously statement look and a fun pop of colour to the home.

Use it to hide magazines, blankets, games, slippers, toys, or even spare guest linen: because it’s breathable, the air will circulate through the basket and will keep you linens fresh and crisp.

Books, a lamp, a sleeping mask perhaps, a note or two, your phone… the bedside table is a hotspot for storing clutter. Our Kalayang stool-come-bench-come-nightstand is a worthy remedy.

This lets you keep everything you need on hand, but out-of-sight. Bedside table clutter offenders, we’re looking at you.

This tip works for any room in the home, but is particularly useful for the bathroom where towels, cosmetics and grooming products can look messy and cluttered. Our linen, cotton and bamboo storage boxes are all-natural and are a practical rectangular shape, maximising on shelf space.

The Champa collection comes in three sizes, perfect for small cosmetics, hair dryers and other grooming supplies, and towel sets.