DIY Christmas Place Cards

DIY Christmas Placeholders

At Christmastime, it’s the little touches that count, like adding your personal style to your Christmas decorations, personalising a special gift, or setting a thoughtful and warm-looking table where your loved ones can while away the merry hours. To make everyone feel at home and welcome, try these rustic DIY festive place cards. They take only a few minutes to make, and are easy enough to do with the little ones.


First, gather all your materials. You will need butcher’s twine, 4 – 6 cinnamon sticks per place card, coloured card, and a metallic pen. It’s a good idea to cut the card once you have created the bundles to ensure they’re the right size; if you’re working with children, use child-friendly scissors and have a pencil and ruler handy to trace cutting lines.


Bundle four to six cinnamon sticks together and bind them at each end using the twine. Tightly wind the twine around the bundle 4 – 5 times before securing by tucking it underneath one of the loops. Make sure each binding is approximately the same distance from the end of the cinnamon sticks – a few millimetres will suffice. Repeat for each of your guests.


Next, determine the distance between the twine – it should be the same for each of the bundles. Subtract a few millimetres and cut your card to size. Write each of your guests’ names on the card using the metallic marker.


Finally, find the best positioning of the bundles – the ends of the twine should rest of the table or sit towards the back of the place cards. Slot each card between the cinnamon sticks and voilà – a sweet, Christmassy placeholder that will give your table a personal touch.