Decorate Easter eggs with washi tape & gold leaf

As the long Easter weekend creeps closer, a collective sigh of relief can be heard across the United Kingdom. But for those already looking after little ones home from school this week, finding new ways to keep everyone entertained can be tricky. Get into the Easter mood at home by creating this sweet, simple decoration project with the family. Different ages and tastes will determine whether you opt for the washi tape or gold leaf option – or both! Just follow the four steps below:


  • ½ dozen eggs
  • Scissors
  • A roll of washi tape in a bright, colourful pattern
  • Gold leaf sheets
  • Spray adhesive
  • Medium sized paintbrush

Gather your materials together for easy assemblage. Decide whether you want to carefully blow the yolk out of the egg (in which case you will need a small pin to make a hole on both ends), or to use hard boiled eggs instead – these are a little easier for application due to their non-fragile nature, but will only last a week unrefrigerated.


To decorate your eggs with washi tape, simply cut the tape into small triangles, lines or any geometric shape and place it directly onto the egg. You may also like to wrap individual strips of tape on the egg to create bold lines.


To decorate your eggs with gold leaf, head outside or set yourself up alongside an open window and spray your eggs with adhesive.


Carefully place a gold leaf sheet on top of the egg, then brush the gold leaf down along the egg’s surface – it is okay if there are cracks or spots without gold leaf, as this gives the egg a nice effect. One you’re finished decorating, arrange all of the decorated eggs in your favourite bowl for the Easter brunch table.


How to

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