A day at the sauna

When it comes to winter wellness, we’re taking a hint from our Nordic neighbours and spending a day at the sauna. The idea of sweating it out among strangers may alarm some, but the purported health benefits far outweigh the ick factor. Releasing stress, soothing muscles and flushing toxins from the skin are among the many positives that a sauna stint can bring – not to mention time out from your regular daily distractions. Dust off your beach bag and check out our top four tips for enjoying the sauna in comfort and style.


While it’s de rigueur to disrobe in the sauna across Europe, a bathing suit won’t go astray for those of you in the UK. Make yourself more comfortable by draping a towel across the wooden slats – one with a GSM of 500 or more will be sumptuously fluffy for you to lay on.


Each sauna session of fifteen minutes should be followed with a period of rest time outside. Have your bathrobe and slippers on hand to absorb sweat and keep you feeling comfortable and warm after a considerable shift in body temperature.


After a few sessions in and out of the sauna you’ll be ready to wash off. For the brave among you, try alternating cold and hot water to improve circulation and flush your lymphatic system. Ensure you pack a fresh towel that hasn’t been used in the sauna for drying off – we prefer a lightweight, ultra-absorbent hammam towel, which can be worn while lounging around afterwards.


If you can spare the time, map out a few extra hours after your sauna for some extra pampering. Bring along your favourite face mask, body lotion and a good book to fully revive your body and mind.