Create a Mother’s Day table setting

Grand gestures make a big impression, but it’s the little things you do which show her how much you care. Why not try making a sweet and simple table setting for mum this Mother’s Day – perfect for a lovely surprise breakfast, or to take pride of place at the head of the table for the family Sunday roast.


Write a place card for a personal touch. Try plain white card for a classic feel and use a black ink fountain pen for an elegant, old-fashioned look.


Create her own personal water jug at the table with a spring twist. Top up a glass carafe or jug with water and pop in freshly chopped strawberries and oranges for a refreshing, zesty taste.


Who doesn’t love flowers? A small vase of colourful blooms will give your table setting a lovely spring look, especially with seasonal hyacinths or daffodils.


Crisp, clean table linen in white easily freshens up the dining room or kitchen and will bring a sophisticated touch to your Mother’s Day table setting. A simple napkin, place mat or tablecloth is all you need to give your mum the special dining experience she deserves.