Create festive DIY placeholders

The festive season your chance to go big on small details. Menus are typically designed according to your guests’ tastes when entertaining, but intimate gatherings are perfect for to creating personalised décor elements. These handmade placeholders can be made with love in just a few simple twists, offering a personal touch to the table.


Gather your materials: you will need a sprig of rosemary, a ball of string, pliable wire and pair of scissors for each place card. Prepare the names in advance using a marker and durable card, cut into a rectangle that will span the width of the placeholder.


Secure the ends of the rosemary sprig using the wire, forming a small rosemary wreath.


Disguise the wire with a strategically placed bow. String, twine and ribbon all work well – experiment with a mix and match look, or opt for one universal style for all.


Position the name card into the wreath, using the sprigs of rosemary to secure it. Et voilà! Your rosemary wreath placeholder is ready for the table.