Christmas stories from the URBANARA team

This month, we asked you to upload a photo of what Christmas means to you and we’d like to wish winner Katie Gunston congratulations on her very sweet photo!

We were keen to get our international team involved in the fun too. Rather than uploading a photo, some members of the team instead provided us with sweet and funny anecdotes of what Christmas meant to them. Pour yourself a glass of mulled wine, settle down in your favourite armchair and enjoy this small selection of stories:

Christmas decorations from Christiane, our PR Manager from Germany

"I have strict rules when it comes to decorating the Christmas tree at my parents' house. I love these small wooden decorations from the '70s that were actually the first decorations my mum ever bought. My mum aims for a 'sophisticated' tree each year but I always insist that these angels get the best spots, which drives her insane, but hey - tradition is tradition."

'Hide and seek with presents' from Dutch Graphic Designer, Thierry

"On the 5th of December my family and I celebrate Pakjesavond together, when children are ‘surprised’ with presents, but they never know where Sinterklaas will keep them… When I was six years old, my family had guests over during Pakjesavond. My uncle asked me to get him a beer from the barn, so I went through the snow to fetch it. When I got there, I couldn't believe my eyes – all the presents were hidden inside! I couldn't wait to get back to the others to tell them what I found."

Sibling ‘decoration-off’ from Claire, our Co-founder and her sister Polly

"My sister and I created our own Christmas decorations one year when we were young – ping pong balls with sequins pinned into it. I spent ages completely covering my ball in pink sequins while my sister stuck a few pins in of various colours and went off to play. Every Christmas I try to hide her half-complete one around the back of the tree but she insists it sits right next to mine in pride of place on the tree! It's one of the many traditions that make up our Christmas."