How to care for cotton towels

Opt for high quality cotton and every time you step out of the shower or bath, you can enjoy towels that are luxuriously soft, beautifully fluffy and wonderfully absorbent so they dry you swiftly. To retain these qualities wash after wash isn’t difficult – you just need to follow these guidelines to keep your towels in fabulous condition.

Cotton towels can be washed in the machine at a maximum of 60 degrees Centigrade unless the label says otherwise, although you don’t need to use a temperature as high as this. If your machine has a permanent press cycle – which normally means it will cold rinse before a reduced spin cycle – use this as it will help your towels last even longer. It’s best to wash towels together rather than mixing them with other laundry and you should always put similar colours together to preserve their original shade. Avoid using fabric softener as it makes towels less absorbent but, if you do prefer to use it, don’t add it every time you wash them. Never use bleach on your towels and don’t dry clean them, either.
It’s best to tumble dry towels to keep them fluffy, although you can hang them out first and finish the process in the dryer. Use a normal to low heat setting and make sure they’re completely dry before you store them away. However, you shouldn’t dry them for longer than necessary as it’s not good for the cotton fibres.
Towels can be ironed on a medium heat setting, but it will flatten the pile so they’ll be less fluffy.
Store towels neatly folded or rolled. Folding them all in the same way will help them stack neatly – in thirds lengthways then in half and half again works well. Tip: Stack towels of the same size – for example bath sheets – to help you find what you need quickly. You might also want to store guest towel sets together.