Straw refers to the dry stalks of cereal plants without the grains or seeds attached and sometimes to certain leaf fibres. It is predominantly produced in Europe and the USA where it is gathered from the fields as an agricultural by-product and stored in a straw bale, which is a bundle of straw that has been tightly bound with twine. The straw is plaited or woven by hand and is used for making baskets, wall hangings, mats and floor coverings, bags and hats, amongst other things. Depending on the end use, straw fabrics may be dense and closely constructed or they may be lightweight, open structures.

Properties and qualities

Straw is lightweight, strong and durable. It takes dye well and can be woven into any shape.

How does it feel?

Straw is textural, and varies from scratchy to smooth depending on the finish.


Straw items can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. For best results, refer to the care instructions on your straw product.